Padd Energy

3MWe Process Plant Energy Centre

Team members at Padd Energy provided technical and commercial support for the design and implementation of a new energy centre installed on a process site. The installation included gas fired reciprocating engines together with waste heat recovery and conventional boiler plant to provide steam and hot water to a novel waste treatment process.

Our services include:

Biogas fuelled energy centre is designed to produce up to 3 MW of electricity and 5 Tonnes per hour of steam to a waste water treatment process.

A boiler arrangement was designed which optimised flexibility, availability and efficiency.

Supply of steam to the new treatment process presented unusual challenges due to its rapidly changing and unpredictable demand. An innovative energy plant control philosophy was developed incorporating predictive demand setting which enabled the steam supply parameters to remain within acceptable limits at all times.

A decommissioning and construction sequence was developed to allow energy supply to the factory to be maintained during the upgrade project.