Padd Energy


Padd Energy has the knowledge and experience to develop and implement your vital energy strategy as a heavily energy intensive user including energy policy, cost and revenue, technologies and regulatory obligations.

Our expertise lies in monitoring and managing energy consumption, energy export, in-house generation, storage, energy costs, implementing commercial efficiencies, multi-site aggregation. We are also experts in creating revenue generation opportunities.

We ensure your power project complies with the relevant legislative requirements, meets environmental obligations and we also ensure you understand your corporate and social responsibilities. We start your project from a blank page and work through each stage, carrying out feasibility, development, design, installation and maintenance, all the time using our extensive industry knowhow.

If you are already up and running, you can use us as consultants to study your power-related operations and make recommendations that may cut costs and increase revenues but will certainly give you the optimum efficiency.

Our services include:

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