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How to create a robust and fully costed decarbonisation plan

Every business needs a plan for decarbonising its operations in response to the climate emergency and resulting governmental policies. The way organisations choose to confront the Net Zero challenge will have a significant impact on their long-term viability.

Padd Energy’s Chris Paddey was recently interviewed for Business Reporter magazine sharing his expertise on creating a robust and fully costed decarbonisation plan.

The risks of not having a well-developed decarbonisation plan (in other words, one that has been prepared following detailed on-site data collection and analysis by experienced engineers) include reputational damage leading to customer loss and an inability to raise finance for operational activity and growth.

We are fast approaching a time when customers will only buy from businesses and brands that have eliminated carbon from their supply chain and processes. Investors are already cautious about funding organisations that do not have a robust decarbonisation plan in place.

The term Net Zero describes a company’s energy use and how it will reduce consumption and decarbonise its systems. For a Net Zero strategy to be both effective and appealing to a board of directors, it must be deliverable within a set timeframe and clearly costed. This is only possible if it is based on granular data which has been gathered in the field.

Padd Energy’s team of specialist decarbonisation engineers has a decade of experience in this detailed approach and works with clients both in the UK and globally. Padd Energy is also part of Anthesis, a firm of more than 1,000 sustainability experts who support businesses to develop financially driven sustainability strategies, underpinned by technical expertise and delivered by innovative collaborative teams across the world.

For many businesses, the desire to change exists but they lack a practical, evidence-based and thoroughly costed plan to decarbonise their assets and operations. In cases where a Net Zero strategy has been commissioned, from a consultant for example, this can all too often result in a plan that takes a theoretical approach rather than one based on comprehensive, location-specific data which can implemented on the ground.

The key to removing carbon from your operations completely is to work with experts at Padd Energy to create a highly detailed and deliverable plan. Padd Energy approaches the Net Zero journey scientifically, studying process plant to develop engineering solutions for large complex factories in the UK and overseas. The approach starts with Padd Energy’s engineers gathering detailed data from each site in person and spending time with engineering managers to talk through the processes along with the heat and power requirements across the site. The outcome is a reliable, deliverable and cost-specific strategy that will result in a fully decarbonised site by a set date.

If you have doubts about the viability of your decarbonisation strategy or you don’t yet have one, Padd Energy has the engineering expertise to help you make Net Zero a reality for your business.

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