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Padd Energy is a niche energy consulting practice providing independent expert advice to energy users, energy generators and corporates active in the energy sector.

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach to business and recognise how important it is to our customers that we operate with honesty and transparency.

Find out more about our ethos and ethical approach to business here.

Battery Power

Battery storage is currently one of the most exciting technologies helping our transition to a low carbon future. They allow energy to be stored and sold when it is most profitable. Revenue stacking, arbitrage and linking to renewable energy are all options to increase profitability.

ESOS and ISO50001

Our energy auditors are highly skilled and fully accredited energy professionals who deliver cost-effective energy savings for your business. We identify physical and behavioural changes that will reduce your energy consumption and energy bills; in some instances by over 30%.

Global expertise

Chris Paddey, founder of Padd Energy, is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in the global power and energy sector. An experienced global business director in the power, renewable energy and environmental sectors, he has held senior positions worldwide. Find out more >

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