Padd Energy


Padd Energy has the skills and experience you would expect from a global specialist energy industry consultant to help deliver your conventional power generation project wherever it is and whatever the challenges.

With our expertise, we manage the development of new gas-fired power stations including open and combined cycle gas turbine plants (CCGT), CHP plants as well as oil-fired generation projects for our clients ranging from utilities and companies to local authorities.

We also apply our wide experience of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies and the extraction of process steam for district heating.

Whatever the technology involved in your power project, professionalism and integrity underpin what we do, along with a flair for innovative and flexible thinking.

Padd Energy offers expertise in all forms of power station technologies. These include:

We produce a conclusive feasibility study for your project, design and develop the project, undertake due diligence, manage the installation and maintain the generation plant.

We also support you with management and strategic advice for the assets when they are operational.

Case Studies