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Biomass and wind power design and build

As CEO of Ogden Energy Group, Chris Paddey was responsible for the installation of over 4MWe of solar and 4MWth of biomass.

He led a £5m biomass fund which enabled businesses to tackle carbon management and the rising cost of energy immediately through the introduction of biomass rather than having it as a long-term objective.

The fund financed the entire cost of the biomass system and a full feasibility study to determine the most effective solution for the business, its building and operational needs.

This allowed organisations to proceed without the significant financial outlay that would otherwise be needed so that they could start making instant savings on heating costs.

One of the key benefits of the scheme was Chris’s input in the design process. His expertise in the planning, design and evaluation of a variety of large scale commercial energy schemes meant he had a sound understanding of the energy issues facing a business and how these integrate with their day to day functions. This meant he was able to advise the team on designing the optimum system as well as providing them with a fully funded solution.

As part of his role at Ogden Energy Group, Chris also managed and developed the Ogden wind portfolio.