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Take Control of Energy Consumption with an Energy Audit

Understanding how energy is used across your organisation is the first step in identifying whether operational changes could reduce overheads in the short, medium or long term.

Large enterprises are required to carry out regular energy audits as part of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) but even businesses that don’t have to comply with the scheme can take advantage of the benefits of an audit.

An energy audit can help organisations take control of their energy consumption and is an effective way to approach energy cost reduction.

In our experience, the savings can be significant even with minimal budget. Studies have shown that energy reduction of up to 30% can be achieved simply by creating a culture of efficiency and environmental awareness through staff engagement if this is implemented in the right way.

How energy audits work

We will look closely at your business priorities and how energy is used before recommending ways to improve efficiency.

Analysis of consumption patterns and a detailed survey by our energy assessors will add further intelligence to the process and will look at every area of consumption from lighting and heating to ventilation, plant and machinery, as well as seasonal variations.

The assessment will look at:

Next steps

Once we have a clear overview of energy usage throughout your organisation we will make recommendations based on our understanding of your business needs and budgets, with detailed information on benefits, implementation costs and payback timescales. The plan will cover a comprehensive range of options including:

We act independently to develop hard-working energy strategies covering employee engagement initiatives, consumption and demand reporting, renewable energy schemes and energy efficient lighting. We can also offer demand side response (DSR) consultancy.

Energy assessment and efficiency planning only starts having an impact when it is put into action. That’s why we work closely with companies to agree a strategy and make sure it is implemented.