Padd Energy

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8 Stage Plan

Stage 1

Energy Monitoring (real-time data); gas, electricity, water and other fuels eg transport fuels, generator fuels, process fuels etc

Stage 2

Negotiate competitive energy and water contracts. Sell capacity back to National Grid via Demand Side Response. Utilise assets and control pathway for Triad avoidance

Stage 3

Energy Compliance – ESOS, ISO50001, CRC, EPC

Stage 4

Identify key efficiency areas within process plant. Cost potential solutions including payback analysis

Stage 5

Implement strongest cost benefit analysis solutions

padd energy self-generate electricity

Stage 6

Self-generate electricity (solar, wind, CHP, Tri-generation), heat (biomass, heat pumps, solar thermal), gas (anaerobic digestion), water (self-harvesting, process water savings)

Stage 7

Protecting your investment – maintenance contracts to ensure your systems are running as efficiently and for as long as possible

Stage 8

Monitor cost reductions, self-generation and sales to National Grid via real-time data monitoring

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