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Padd Energy acts independently to develop hard-working energy strategies covering battery storage, energy monitoring, employee engagement initiatives, consumption and demand reporting, voltage optimisation, power factor correction and renewable energy schemes.

Our unique approach to energy allows us to not only advise on energy purchasing but how to store energy off peak via batteries, generate revenue from National Grid via demand side response, how to utilize your assets for Triad avoidance and further savings through power factor correction and/or voltage optimisation. Combined these strategies generate increased profits for your business.

An independent energy audit is the first step towards taking control of your energy costs and assessing the return on investment of capital projects. We can also advise on selling capacity back to National Grid and avoiding costly red Triad periods.

Battery Storage

Batteries are rapidly becoming essential items for forward thinking businesses. They allow you to purchase and store energy when it is available at low cost and use it instead of paying peak costs.

Revenue stacking, arbitrage and linking to renewable energy can substantially increase profits.


Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response (DSR) is an initiative that actively encourages intensive energy users to use electricity flexibly to reduce pressure on the National Grid at peak times. The National Grid pays a fee to businesses that contribute to demand reduction.

Padd Energy will implement and manage your DSR, identifying plant and equipment that can contribute during peak times without impacting on your operations whilst securing you an income.

Triad Avoidance

Our unique approach to energy strategy allows us to model triad avoidance as part of our proposed energy strategy for your business. We advise you on how to utilize your assets and control pathways to avoid Triad periods and save money.

Energy Monitoring Software

Our energy management software helps you identify opportunities to save energy and money across your organisation. Custom reporting and an automated data platform allow energy and facilities management teams to work collaboratively across sites. The data can also be used by our Virtual Energy Manager to plan every aspect of your energy strategy.

Energy Efficiency Advice

Strategic energy efficiency advice can help your organisation reduce operating costs and evaluate the return on investment of energy efficient technologies and processes.

Efficiency improvement measures might involve power factor correction, voltage optimization, upgrading or downgrading meters, accurate data collection and installation of energy efficient technologies.

Energy Purchasing Expertise

Padd Energy’s in-depth knowledge of the energy industry means we look strategically at budgets and behaviour. We use this energy purchasing expertise to review the markets and decide whether you could be buying energy more efficiently or if you are already paying the lowest rates.

Water Purchasing

Switching supplier can save a business between 10 and 18% on their water costs. Our water purchasing team will source the best prices for your business and manage the transition process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth switch over and lower water costs.

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