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Phase 2 of ESOS: Are you compliant?

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment and energy saving identification process which applies to large UK organisations and their corporate groups.

ESOS has now entered its second phase, and all organisations which are classed as a ‘large undertaking’ on the qualification date of 31st December, 2018, must ensure the ESOS assessment is carried out and the scheme administrator notified by the compliance deadline of 5th December, 2019.

Padd Energy has the experience and expertise to help organisations with their compliance for phase 2 of ESOS. Our accredited lead assessor and chartered engineer Mark Burrows is highly qualified and skilled in energy management and assessment.

Non-compliance with phase 2 of the ESOS regulations could result in an enforcement notice being issued and could lead to ‘substantial financial penalties’ of up to £50,000 being imposed.

What is ESOS all about?

The ESOS scheme requires audits to be carried out regarding the energy use of an organisation’s buildings, industrial processes and transport. This data is then used to identify cost-effective energy-saving measures. Alternatively, an organisation can be certified to the ISO50001 Energy Management Systems standard.

If an auditing route is chosen, it must be carried out or reviewed by a qualified lead assessor every four years.

To gain compliance, organisations must ensure that:

Organisations which are certain of needing to comply need not wait for the ESOS phase 2 qualification date of 31st December this year. They can begin their energy assessments as soon as possible, as long as they cover at least one year’s energy measurement taken any time since 6th December, 2014, and which has not already been used for Phase 1 of ESOS. Different energy streams or sites can be assessed at different times, so it may suit an organisation’s operational needs to begin their energy assessments as soon as possible and spread the work over a period of time.

Does ESOS apply to my organisation?

If your organisation is classed as a ‘large undertaking’, then yes, ESOS does apply. A large undertaking is any UK company that meets either one or both of the following conditions:

How can Padd Energy help?

As a niche firm of consulting engineers with specialist expertise across numerous energy and power sector disciplines, we have over 65 years’ combined experience of carrying out energy services for large-scale industrial, commercial and public-sector organisations.

We have the experience and expertise to help organisations with their compliance for phase 2 of ESOS, through either the auditing or ISO50001 route. The Padd Energy team are accredited by the Energy Institute, and as such, are suitably qualified to provide compliant ESOS services.

As part of our ESOS service approach, we commit to investigate all energy optimisation options available to your organisation. This includes energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand side response and energy storage, and interconnecting ideas and assets.

For further information on ESOS Phase 2 compliance and Padd Energy’s services, call us on 01423 900480 or email lead assessor Mark Burrows at