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Pay less for your business gas and electricity

More than 80% of businesses use a third party intermediary to help them buy energy at the best price but did you know that you could save even more by using an energy consultant who takes a strategic approach to tendering?

At Padd Energy we have in-depth knowledge and experience of the energy industry and this allows us to look strategically at your budgets and behaviour.

We have access to multiple suppliers and gather detailed information about your energy usage before starting negotiations. This is important because certain suppliers may have gaps in their portfolios for a particular pattern of energy use and can offer better prices based on thorough consumption data.

Alongside energy purchasing, we can also look at other efficiency measures within the business such as employee engagement initiatives, consumption and demand reporting, renewable energy schemes and energy efficient lighting.

As a fully independent consultant we can compare prices from all the energy companies and recommend the most suitable contract for your needs. We’re not tied into certain deals and we operate with complete transparency so that you know you’re paying the best price.

We never present you with a single option. We’ll talk you through the lowest prices and explain the differences between them so you can make an informed decision.

Most importantly of all, we won’t just sign the deal and disappear. We will continually review your gas and electricity contracts to make sure your energy deal meets the changing needs of your business.