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Padd Energy named Project Developer for ICP Europe

Padd Energy is delighted to be named a Project Developer for ICP Europe (Investor Confidence Project Europe).

The Harrogate-based company is now certified to develop energy efficiency projects within the industrial sector that follow ICP Europe’s standards and protocols.

ICP Europe uses Energy Performance Protocols to ensure best practice and to standardise the documents and processes used in energy efficiency projects. Independent verification means projects are developed, documented and measured in a consistent and transparent way, giving investors and building owners confidence that projects will yield energy and financial savings, and organisations and governments the tools they need to reduce their carbon emissions and fulfil their energy efficiency targets.

All kinds of energy efficiency projects are covered by the protocols, from publicly funded programmes to internally-financed projects from a variety of organisations.

IREE™ certification scheme

The ICP’s Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ (IREE) certification scheme ensures that best practices, the right professionals and third-party validation are used to deliver high-quality energy efficiency projects that investors can bank on.

Energy efficiency projects that are IREE™ certified follow the ICP’s Energy Performance Protocols as well as existing industry certifications, and are independently verified by an ICP Quality Assurance professional.

The ICP Europe Project Developer Network

Member organisations of the ICP Europe Project Developer Network have been certified as meeting the network’s requirements, including undergoing training and having their credentials and references validated by the ICP. Only ICP Europe Project Developers are authorised to develop certified IREE projects.

As an ICP Europe Project Developer, Padd Energy is certified to initiate and develop quality energy efficiency projects and proposals which conform with the appropriate Energy Performance Protocol. ICP Europe Project Developers carry out measures to baseline energy usage and predict savings, and create plans for commissioning, operations and maintenance, measurement and verification, according to the ICP Europe Project Development Specification.

Padd Energy is part of the network that develops IREE projects in the industrial sector.

Mark Burrows, associate director at Padd Energy, said: “Being accepted as a member of the ICP Europe Project Developer Network is a fantastic step towards our ambition of helping as many organisations as possible to become more energy efficient. ICP Europe’s standards are extremely high and complement our belief in the importance of consistency and transparency in the energy efficiency arena.”