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Padd Energy looks ahead to its fifth year

Padd Energy is embarking on its fifth year in business this month as its power strategy and energy management consultancy work continues to expand.

Founded by Chris Paddey in November 2013 the team’s global engineering and corporate PLC background has led to involvement in a wide range of projects since then, from the design and construction of power generating plants to offering energy purchasing and efficiency advice to businesses of all sizes.

Recent projects include the Owners Engineer role on a 4.8MW Waste Wood Combined Heat and Power plant, a waste wood processing plant, an energy appraisal for one of the UK’s largest commercial growers and energy procurement for a wide range of organisations, from intensive energy users in the manufacturing sector to individual churches and charities.

Managing director Chris Paddey, a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the global engineering and power sector, said the company’s decision to set up a dedicated energy management service in the last couple of years had been a natural step.

Chris said: “During my career I have led numerous major international power projects and many of the strategic principles required in the feasibility and design stages can be applied when advising businesses on energy management and cost reduction.

“Thanks to our engineering and design background we can provide a holistic advisory service from the pre-planning stage of new projects right through to reducing consumption and overheads for established organisations.”

Chris added that he was looking forward to further growth in 2018 and the development of strategic partnerships with organisations to offer specialist consultancy on a wide range of energy services including helping companies evaluate renewable energy options and negotiate the most cost effective energy supply contracts.