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Padd Energy appointed to shape Carbon Net Zero strategy for global food manufacturer

A large global food manufacturing company has engaged Padd Energy to plan its path to becoming a net zero organisation.

Padd will be responsible for creating a detailed decarbonisation road map for the manufacturer’s 70 worldwide production sites.

Solutions range from energy efficiency measures and upgrades to production equipment, through to a more fundamental shift away from natural gas-based heat production. Green energy generation options include heat pumps, bioenergy and renewable technologies such as wind and solar.

Working in partnership with the organisation’s EHS team and engaging directly with business units and sites around the world, PADD Energy has developed a framework of scenarios to deliver objectives over the short, medium and long term.

PADD Energy has also identified an opportunity to create a circular economy around the production and use of biogas, using food waste and manure from farms as a feedstock to create biogas through Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants. The resulting biogas can be used to generate heat and power at production sites, as well as converting the biofuel for transport use, all of which will significantly contribute to meeting the manufacturer’s Net Zero ambitions.

PADD Energy’s wider strategy has considered smart solutions, looking at ways for the organisation to actively become a ‘pro-sumer’ of energy, through power generation, storage, utilisation and grid services. At a corporate level, centralised energy management programmes and governance are being developed, to adapt and align with the company’s overarching energy transition.

The project will support the food manufacturer’s ambition to decarbonise by 2050 and lead the way in its sector for sustainability commitments.

Padd Energy will deliver a unique solution to achieve those targets, putting engineering solutions at the heart of the strategy and taking decarbonisation from theory to practical delivery.

This bottom up approach addresses the organisation’s complex business operations, across multiple sites and territories with differing needs and legislation, alongside the challenges of a major agriculture, processing and distribution organisation.

Chris Paddey, Managing Director of Padd Energy, said: “This is a significant project to support a large global business towards a sustainable future. The company has been clear on its ambition to reach Net Zero, and we are working collaboratively with its teams around the world to make that a reality, through a wide range of solutions across heat, power and transport.

“For multi-site, multi-national organisations with complex operations and logistics, decarbonising can be a challenging concept to bring to fruition, and a bespoke approach is vital to ensuring that businesses have a clear route map that is not only deliverable within the timeframes, but also practicable for the business model.

“Our team of highly skilled, senior specialists is working closely with the EHS team to ensure that its energy strategy integrates with the needs of the business across different territories and sites and we’re pleased to be supporting this transformative project.”

Padd Energy, established in 2013, is a niche energy consultancy with a wealth of expertise in decarbonisation and is used by power companies, financial institutions, public sector and large corporates alike. It designs low carbon solutions and net zero strategies that utilise cutting-edge technologies to generate heat and power from renewable and sustainable sources. Some of its key clients include Arla, Alpha Real Capital, Engie, Carbon Trust and the University of St Andrews. It has offices in Harrogate, London and Glasgow, employing mainly chartered engineering consultants with over 150 years of combined energy engineering experience.

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