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Padd Energy and Demand-Side Response

Organisations that use a lot of energy are being actively encouraged to reduce the amount of power they draw from the grid during peak times by implementing Demand Side Response.

This flexible approach to electricity use helps to reduce pressure on the National Grid when demand is high. In return, companies can receive payments for using less power at peak times.

Demand Side Response is available to businesses with their own power generation plants.  The National Grid pays a fee to organisations that contribute to demand reduction, which means reducing power usage at peak times is good for business as well as the environment.

At Padd Energy we work with these companies to identify machinery, lighting, air conditioning and other equipment that can be switched off during peak times without impacting on their operations.

The impact on their bills can be significant. By planning energy use to take advantage of off peak times of the day, week and year they can generate lucrative new revenue streams.Few organisations have the time or expertise to implement flexible electricity usage. We can manage the process fully on their behalf and with revenue streams of £70,000/MW/half an hour this can add real value to the company’s bottom line. We also make sure they are being paid for their contribution to the UK’s demand planning.

If you’d like to participate in grid flexibility give our experts a call on 0113 234 0100 and we’ll explain how it works and the financial benefits. We’ll then get you connected, monitor and manage your energy usage and secure you a regular monthly income.