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How we help schools, charities and churches reduce energy costs

Here at Padd Energy, we don’t only offer specialist consultancy support to global corporations and businesses on energy purchasing and services.

We work with businesses and organisations of all sizes including many schools, charities and churches.

They often face a different set of challenges when it comes to improving energy efficiency and reducing costs and overheads.

For example, their facilities are often in use for long periods of time including evenings and weekends. Often the buildings weren’t built with energy efficiency in mind and insulating them to reduce energy usage can be a real challenge. This can present a complex situation when it comes to finding the best energy contracts.

Padd Energy has recently helped St Georges Church and Moorlands School, both in Leeds, to negotiate favourable energy supply contracts. We have also negotiated a renewable energy supply contract for Otley Parish Church.

We provide a dedicated energy management service and work with schools, charities and churches to review in detail their energy spending and usage as well as looking at ways to reduce their costs by choosing the best supplier and contract.

With our extensive experience of the energy industry, we can look strategically at budgets, assess the market and make recommendations on the best way forward, based on the usage patterns of the institution and the specific needs of the organisation.

Managing Director, Chris Paddey, said: “It’s very important for schools, charities and churches to have the right purchasing strategies and contracts in place and to carry out a thorough review of consumption data to identify where efficiency could be improved.

“Green energy contracts, tax incentives for energy efficiency projects, energy storage etc can all help to create attractive returns” he added.

“We can offer independent advice on a range of matters from reducing consumption by improving energy efficiency to negotiating the most cost-effective energy supply contracts.

“Our in-depth knowledge of working with organisations across a broad spectrum means we can make recommendations with confidence that really will make a difference,” explained Chris.