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Generate revenue by using less energy at peak times

Big energy users can generate a revenue by adopting more flexible usage patterns so that some of their energy is made available to the National Grid at peak times.

Demand Side Response is aimed at firms that generate their own energy on site and the financial benefits can be significant.

By switching production to a slightly different shift pattern you can power off some of your plant and machinery at certain times of the day, week and year when demand for energy from the grid is lower.

There are operational issues to consider which is why we carry out a thorough evaluation of your business activity and priorities to identify whether you could make more money by sending power to the grid at certain times than you could by sticking to your existing usage patterns.

Demand Side Response is available to organisations with generating plants from 100kW up to tens of thousands of MW.

If you are a big energy user our team will identify machinery, lighting, air conditioning and other equipment that can be switched off during peak times without impacting on your operations. We’ll undertake a technical survey to confirm the revenue streams you can access and we’ll make the application on your behalf.

You will receive revenue whenever the National Grid calls on your energy as a result of you suspending your normal activity for that period of high demand, which will usually be between 30 minutes and two hours.

At Padd Energy we manage the whole process for you and make sure you are being paid for your contribution to the UK’s demand planning.