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Expert advice on battery storage solutions

More and more companies are looking at the benefits of energy storage systems in relation to existing or potentially new renewable energy installations, such as the large solar farms or roof-mounted arrays.

Major developments in both Lithium Ion and Flow battery technologies, teamed with decreasing capital costs, have enabled the use of batteries as a means of storing renewable energy more cost effectively. This has led to a number of options being available for commercial use in the UK, including subsidy-free solar PV projects.

Here at Padd Energy, we have extensive knowledge of both renewable energy generation and energy storage systems, and are using this expertise to support our customers to identify, validate and design solutions in relation to these opportunities. We are able to identify financially attractive solutions for our clients; this includes organisations with existing renewable energy assets or those who are looking to generate green electricity and want to maximise their return on investment.

Clean energy also has a crucial part to play in our nation’s infrastructure as it’s important to keep the National Grid balanced so it can match supply and demand. Improving resilience at times of stress on the system is crucial, especially as we are forecast to use more electricity in the future.

Chris Paddey, Managing Director of Padd Energy, said: “With major advancements in recent years, using batteries to store renewable energy is becoming a viable commercial option for businesses. As we look to a future which is moving away from fossil fuels, finding ways to store and release electricity as we need it has become an essential part of UK energy strategy. Here at Padd Energy, we advocate and encourage organisations to evaluate how best they can be part of that future, with us providing the expertise and resources to realise that strategy.”

He added: “The advancement in energy storage technology and its applications is one of the most exciting opportunities available for organisations, helping the UK transition to a low carbon future.”

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