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Ethical Energy Consultancy

Padd Energy prides itself on doing business ethically whilst playing our part in creating a sustainable world to live in.

We operate with integrity and transparency and are not tied to any one energy company, provider or supplier. We always work on behalf of our clients to find the best solution for them and their business across the entire energy market.

Our independence is valued by all our clients and is particularly important when we are working with charitable organisations.

Our commitment to providing an ethical service aligns with our philosophy of giving to charitable organisations.

We believe in and support various charitable organisations including:

As further evidence of our commitment to global sustainability and the world we live in we bank with Triodos. Triodos is a pioneer in sustainable banking, using the power of finance to support projects that benefit people and the environment.

We aim to help our clients generate energy in the most environmentally friendly ways whilst also working with them to reduce their usage via energy efficiency.

We look at an organisation as a whole to find the best strategy for optimum efficiency and we are delighted that our approach has earned the trust of charities and businesses alike.

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