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How Energy Management Software Can Save Time and Money

If your business is a big energy user or if you have a number of sites to manage, our online energy management software can save you time and money.

Live information is fed into the system from smart meters around your premises. This can be used to monitor energy, water and heat data and can pick up issues quickly right across your business.

One of the big advantages is that it allows you to customise your reporting so that the information you extract is as useful as possible to your organization and its objectives. Our system uses advanced algorithms to verify performance and achieve realistic goals. This means the most important data can be highlighted and reported on, saving time during analysis and review.

Your facilities management team can pull data from multiple sources into one platform and the software will read different formats of data so there’s no need to invest in additional technology.

You can even programme alerts into the system so that you know immediately if your usage is falling outside expected tolerances.

Padd Energy has a team of in-house energy and data experts who can interpret your data and make sure it’s being used to plan energy strategy and deliver cost savings.

To find out more contact our energy software team on 0113 234 0100.