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Decarbonisation project for one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers

Padd Energy has embarked on a decarbonisation project for one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, the second such project for a major automotive client in the last 12 months, this time based in South Korea.

A recent trip to South Korea enabled us to carry out site data capture on three of the client’s large automotive manufacturing sites as we help them plan for decarbonisation.

Padd Energy MD Chris Paddey met and presented to the COO and technical team in Seoul to demonstrate how we propose to help them decarbonise these sites within the expectations set out in their corporate net zero pledges.

This project involves highly complex automotive industry manufacturing systems and our skills and experience are ideally suited to this type of work. We have worked extensively with multi-national and multi-site organisations, supporting them to map out their decarbonisation journey and overcome the challenges of complex operations and logistics. Our sophisticated techno-economic modelling solution identifies the most appropriate solutions in each set of circumstances, looking at all factors and considering the specific economic drivers of the sector and jurisdiction.

In this particular case, we started by gathering detailed technical data from the sites before undertaking techno-economic analysis to produce decarbonisation trajectories for various timescales and costs to ensure the client has a clear understanding of how to decarbonise their assets.

After Covid prevented many international site visits over the past couple of years, we are delighted to be able to travel again to work even more closely with our clients to help them achieve their net zero goals.


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