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Corporate Strategy

Energy industry consultant Chris Paddey is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the global engineering and power sector.

Chris has held senior positions including CEO of Ogden Energy Group, Managing Partner at ERM Power responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa and Global Practice Leader for CH2M’s power business.

As a consultant he has led major power projects for large organisations and undertaken interim commissions for large corporate companies.

Strategy and Leadership

Chris’s experience includes the strategic development, sales leadership and tactical delivery of power projects around the world. His consultancy style is market facing and client focused, actively listening and responding to customer needs. By adopting a strategic approach to design and planning he develops outstanding proposals that result in profitable projects.

padd energy technical insight

Technical Insight

As technical lead with a deep understanding of the capabilities and benefits of all power generation technologies, Chris provides valuable insight from feasibility stage right through to project completion, evaluating technologies and advising on return on investment and timescales.

Business Development Support 

Chris’s knowledge of the global power sector allows him to deliver targeted business development support to large corporates developing new markets, exploring opportunities in different sectors and/or enhancing strategic relationships.

Delivery and Results

By sharing power sector insight and market drivers Chris can engage business unit managers to target particular markets and build collaborative cross-organisational teams.

Technical Due Diligence

As a power sector specialist Chris helps organisations assess the technical feasibility of a major energy project before committing to significant investment.

He offers technical advice to companies and financial institutions relating to power sector specific M&A activities and can carry out a full technical risk review.

He can advise on grid connection, certification, permits and licenses, energy yields and provide detailed risk and benefit analysis.

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