Padd Energy

Esholt STW – Thermal Hydrolysis Plant

Team members at Padd Energy provided technical and commercial support to the design and implementation of a new Thermal Hydrolysis Plant at Esholt Sewage Treatment Works in Bradford.

Our services include:

Thermal hydrolysis (TH) is a process which is used to pre-treat sewage sludge by the application of high temperature and pressure for a period of 30 minutes, prior to feeding to an anaerobic digestion plant. The biogas produced is then used to fuel a combined heat and power (CHP) plant.

Esholt STW was Yorkshire Water’s first STW to use thermal hydrolysis with anaerobic digestion. The TH plant is designed to treat a nominal throughput of 30,000 tonnes dry solids per year made up of sludge produced at the Esholt works, as well as imports from surrounding works.

The plant indicates Yorkshire Water’s intensions of moving away from its reliance on incineration for the disposal of sewage sludge and towards its use for the production of ‘green’ electrical energy.